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Sea in a Box

I used nature as an influence and made an abstract sculpture. I use biomimicry to visually replicate an element of nature. This project is an art installation that addresses the aesthetic that is hidden beneath the sea surface. I was inspired by the formation, feature, and hue of sea fungi such as Gorgonia ventalina, Clavaria zollingeri and designed a sculptural object to replicate some of those features. The sculptural object will be 3d printed and painted. I made a few images and videos which mimic the formation of that object. The video replicates the waves and changes in light and hue and adds a new dimension and illusion of motion to the art piece. I am influenced by the balance between the scientific and art practice which allows both to reflect on each other. I incorporated biomimetics and their shape formation in my artwork to express the hidden beauty of nature. The future expansion of this project will include observing and designing 5 more species of fungi and create similar pieces with interactive elements.

Method: 3D printing, Processing, Projection, Light & wave simulation

Software: Rhino, Grasshopper, TouchDesigner, P5.js

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