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Dhaka is a densely populated city and the Korail slum is situated on the outskirt of Dhaka where people below the poverty line reside. More than 100000 people live there and they are deprived of all kinds of basic amenities i.e. poor road circulation, lack of gas, electricity water supply, no waste disposal system, lack of light and air circulation, no open space.

The objective of this project was to provide them with a livable environment and infrastructural facilities. The design mainly focused on a self-reliant infrastructural system that provides them with gas, electricity, water, waste disposal systems. As the slum is very congested providing air circulation, light and open space was also a challenge. The approach was focused on dividing the problem into two categories: Infrastructural problems and Site-related problems. 


The design process was implicated in a small modular area in such a way that the solutions can be replicated throughout the entire slum area. The site of this design was an 1130 sqft which will be used to build a primary school and a residence for 18 people. 

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