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The MotherBoard is a collaborative sculpture installation program that is a part of the Eisenmann Edge Endowment Fund. A joint initiative of the city of Richardson, the Eisenmann Center, and ATEC, the program is intended to leverage a wide array of creative abilities and technological platforms that will engage new audiences, enable them to explore the arts and build on the Richardson community’s distinctive high-tech heritage. The exhibition of the interactive sculpture was held on the Forrest & Virginia Green Mezzanine Gallery at the Charles W. Eisemann Center for Performing Arts from March 7 to 29, 2020. The installation piece experimented with different materials, space and lighting elements. The installation featured 30-foot-long panels composed of steel, LED lighting and projection elements. The project was done by the collaborative involvement of professors, students, and alumni. The MotherBoard project is an exceptional example of a machine aesthetic that showcases the advancement of Richardson and where it will go in the future.

My contribution: Digital Fabrication, Laser Cutting, Assembly, Painting

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