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Dhaka Metropolitan Area (DMA) has a current population of approximately 16 million, which will only be rising steadily in the coming years with economic growth. This indicates a persistent increase in the traffic congestion from the current situation which makes Bangladesh a very unbearable place to live in. In this situation, the government of Bangladesh prepared an ‘Urban Transportation Policy’ for the 20 year period from 2004 to 2024 which includes improvements of the mass transit system as the introduction of BRT and MRT and improvement of the road network. STP constitutes a part of several projects such as as-MRT1, MRT2, MRT6, etc. Each of our projects concerns the revisualization of a part of Dhaka city with the proposed MRT6 line in place, which includes issues like the station is going to happen without disruption the local mobility. Our concerning part was Mirpur 10 roundabout station.

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