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AR- Classroom 

AR- Classroom is an NSF-funded collaborative project. We use augmented reality (AR) and artificial intelligence (AI) to improve student's understanding of spatial transforms. Specifically, we use AI to generate an AR overlay for physical manipulatives (such as a LEGO airplane), allowing students to view the associated rotation matrices and translation vectors in real-time. Students can then use this real-time overlay to confirm their mathematical intuition about spatial transformations. Students physically interact with objects and see the impact of those actions on math calculations on AR display. This interactivity can facilitate an embodied approach to learning math.

Detailed Content Link

AR- Classroom, Workshop 1

AR- Classroom, Workshop 2


User Testing

While developing the application we have let students interact with many development builds to improve the interface and usability of the application. In the figures below we have photos of our most recent usability test with middle school-aged students.


AI Chatbot

We incorporated a Conversational AI-powered chatbot to help students with mathematical concepts, the augmented reality environment, and the functionalities of the app. We used both text and voice input to communicate with the Chatbot.

Screenshot 2023-12-30 120314.png


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