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Labor Mirror


Project Goal: Comparison between Augmented Reality and Reality

The project implements the use of an Augmented Reality app to illustrate the fact that easy access to technology is a cause of our ignorance about labor. Websites and apps are used to get products delivered from the warehouse to the doorstep. But people are often oblivious to the amount of work done behind the curtain at a minimum wage. The purpose of this project is to create awareness about the harmful business policies of corporate companies. The implementation of the project involves participation, where a group of people ordered paper flowers upfront using the  AR app and another group received the orders using the app and worked to fulfill the order. The second group faced the boredom of incessant labor when they have to make the same paper flowers repetitively while the former group observed. Later both of the groups shared their experiences using the app. Their experiences will be documented from the app and exhibited later.

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